Eric C. Cook, MBA

The Future of Digital Interactions & Banking Engagement

Webinar took place on:
November 18, 2021

The process of building relationships with customers has drastically evolved in the past 10 years – heck, even in the past 5! Not long ago, business was handled with a simple handshake. Now, customers can access the education and services they seek right from their sofas. Any business can directly interact with target markets via live video, interactive meeting portals, real-time audio integrations, and social networking platforms . . . all for FREE!

But the changes are just beginning. With Facebook’s recent announcement about their brand change and future focus, we glimpse the next big shift in business and customer connection: The Metaverse.

What does the next wave of digital evolution look like? That’s exactly what this webinar will explore and explain. This presentation will cover:

  • engagement strategies that have taken off and stood the test of “internet” time, 
  • developments in the works by mover-and-shaker companies,
  • the future of the digital marketplace, and
  • smart moves bankers can make today to stay digitally relevant.

Who knows? In the not too distant future, we might be swapping suits and ties for VR goggles and avatars.

You’ll walk away from this webinar with strategies that will serve your bank in the present as we all prepare for the future.


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Eric, a former banker of 15 years, now serves the banking industry as an author, speaker, educator, mentor, and digital strategist. Through his digital agency as well as his latest endeavor,, he shares his passion for helping community bankers connect and engage with clients using social and digital tools.