At PCBS, we care deeply that each student receives the support they need to be successful. For this reason, we have a unique advisory program, offered to students every year.

students are divided into small groups and assigned an executive student advisor (ESA). Every ESA is a PCBS alumnus selected for his or her leadership qualities and communication skills.  The focus of each ESA is to create and enhance opportunities for students to ask questions, strengthen their network, and feel connected early on in the PCBS experience. These advisors are on campus the entire first week of the session, and are accessible before and after that time.

IN YEAR TWO, students select a topic and begin planning their management reports (senior thesis), which are submitted during their final year. After completing their report proposals, PCBS assigns a management report advisor (MRA) to each student based on the expertise needed to appropriately guide the student in his or her report topic. Most MRAs are graduates of PCBS, and are available to guide their students during and between the second- and third-year sessions.

IN YEAR THREE, PCBS has two capstone programs, LEADERSIM® and Bank Management Simulation, which bring the students’ entire PCBS experience into focus. The PCBS leadership program is strategically designed as a coordinated curriculum, with the first two years taught by Dr. Patrick Bettin, an internationally known expert on leadership. LEADERSIM® is held during the first week of the students’ third and final resident session, while the Bank Management Simulation runs for the full two weeks.  Faculty members teaching these two simulation courses work together to provide an integrated educational experience. Students work and compete with one another in teams of five as they experience what it is like to run their own banks. These same teams work together in their LEADERSIM® class to apply leadership techniques to challenges that arise during the Bank Management Simulation.