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PCBS Prerequisites

The prerequisites are essential in order to fully benefit from the PCBS core curriculum. It is our intent to help every candidate for PCBS be fully prepared for success, receive maximum benefit from the coursework, and contribute to the learning environment. The prerequisite standards help optimize use of classroom time and ensure that learning and discussion are occurring at the highest possible levels. The instructors presume that participants have the introductory material (terms and theory) for the following areas:

  • Financial Statement Analysis & Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Economics & Bank Financial Markets

Prerequisites can be met in one of two ways: Either the candidate has completed or will complete (prior to the session) post-secondary coursework directly related to the prerequisite category (most common), or the candidate has had sufficient career experience to understand the concepts and provides a detailed, written description and explanation of such exposure and experience. If a candidate has a knowledge gap in a particular area, additional course recommendations may be made to the student during the acceptance process. PCBS offers a variety of webinars at additional cost to meet these needs. It is not our intent to have candidates take redundant coursework just to ensure that they meet any prerequisite. It is our experience that, with full explanation as to why the prerequisites exist, candidates make the appropriate decisions about their level of qualifications to attend PCBS. Candidates who have taken the recommended coursework before attending PCBS have told us that they were glad they did so.

PCBS Attendance & Enrollment

When planning to apply to PCBS, candidates must understand that PCBS requires participants to attend every class, every day, just as employers require employees to be at work every day and to work for a full day. If any event will require missing class time during PCBS, candidates should consider rearranging those commitments or delaying application until their time is fully available for attendance.

Time Needed to Complete the PCBS Program

There are three resident sessions, five assignments, and one management report that are completed within an elapsed time of two years and two weeks. While each student is different, it takes an average of 25-30 hours to complete a paper and approximately 100 hours to complete the management report or 15 to 20 hours per month.

Fee Structure

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Earn MBA Credits: In conjunction with the University of Washington, a PCBS graduate can earn credits toward an MBA.

Contact Information

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