1st year Students
August 16 – 27th, 2021
2nd and 3rd year Students
August 22nd – September 3rd, 2021


PCBS is pleased to announce that its full slate of graduate-level executive leadership and financial management courses will be offered virtually in August 2021. The need for a high-quality banking and leadership education has never been greater. The online program will provide the same innovative and relevant curriculum taught by world-class faculty with real-world experience as our on-site program.
Our choice to move online reflects our priorities of safety, accessibility, and compliance with the University of Washington pandemic protocol. Having launched a successful virtual third-year session in 2020, we are well-positioned to offer our students the excellent experience they expect from PCBS.
Our faculty and students will be provided with state-of-the-art online learning tools to ensure a successful experience. Students will also have access to complete tech support and social networking opportunities.
We will be discounting 2021 tuition to reflect the cost savings in delivering the session virtually. We are also modifying the schedule and reducing class sizes to ensure our standard of providing a premier banking education.
The 2021 virtual session (V2021) promises to be a robust and satisfying experience for students and faculty members alike. All courses will be delivered using best practices in virtual education. Live instruction will not be delivered in a webinar-style but will be interactive and engaging, and all students will be expected to have their video cameras on and be fully engaged with their instructors and classmates. We will be using the University of Washington’s Canvas Learning Management System and Zoom technology to deliver this year’s program.
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2021 Virtual Experience Frequently Asked Questions. 

First-Year Students

First-year students can expect classes to be taught by our award-winning faculty members with no change to the core curriculum. There will be some changes in how the course content is delivered but not in the content itself.

To increase student engagement while cutting down on the number of hours students will be in Zoom sessions, we have made changes to the timing of some classes and reduced some class section sizes. Leadership classes will be divided into smaller sections and delivered a quarter of the class at a time in all day sessions. The dates of these classes will be July 18, 25, August 1, and 8. You will only be asked to attend one of these sessions. We took these classes out of the weekday schedule to cut down on the time spent in daily Zoom sessions.
First-year students may feel that they do not want to miss out on the in-person networking that takes place on campus in year one. If students arrive on campus for the first time in their second year, they will have much the same experience as those who arrive in year one, with the added benefit of having met a lot of people virtually before coming to campus.

All first-year students who participate in the virtual program will be placed in small groups of 15-20 students and assigned an Executive Student Advisor (PCBS grads who volunteer their time as first year student advisors) who will facilitate group meetings prior to the start of V2021 so students can get an early start on getting to know one another.

Second-Year Students

In V2021, second-year students will take ERM, ALM, Leadership, and Strategic Innovation: Creating Competitive Advantage for their core courses. Second and third-year students will have the opportunity to take up to four electives. Only three electives are required to allow students control over the number of hours they choose to spend on Zoom. Substantial changes have been made to the Innovation course and Jason Henrichs will be team teaching this year with JP Nicols. A case study approach will be taken in this class, with teams divided by bank size to allow the course takeaways to be relevant for each student.

Leadership classes will be divided into smaller sections and delivered a quarter of the class at a time in all-day sessions. The dates of these classes will be Aug. 14, 15, 22, and 29. You will only be asked to attend one of these sessions. We took these classes out of the weekday schedule to cut down on the time spent in daily Zoom sessions.

Second-year students have their third year to look forward to when in-person networking and graduation exercises will be celebrated with their classmates, colleagues, and friends.
Second-year students will benefit from the continuity in learning opportunity that the V2021 session offers, alleviating any additional knowledge loss that another year’s gap in attendance may bring. A Managing Bank Financial Performance refresher course will be offered to all returning second-year students as part of the V2021 program to ensure a smooth transition from the first-year curriculum to second-year core courses.

Third-Year Students

The third-year core curriculum transfers to a virtual experience in a rich and satisfying way. Both LeaderSim and BMSim are activity-based, so the classes move quickly. BMSim is delivered using a cloud application, whether in person or virtually. Those students enrolled in the 2020 virtual session found it advantageous to have multiple screens available to navigate the BMSim software and shared Google docs. V2020 participants also told us that their BMSim teams formed strong bonds during their virtual experience.

The LeaderSim experience is also very interactive and includes executive interviews to provide students the opportunity to connect the curriculum with real-life leadership challenges.

Second and third-year students will have the opportunity to take up to four electives. Only three electives are required to allow students control over the number of hours they choose to spend on Zoom.
Third-year students will experience a virtual graduation and will also be invited back to PCBS in 2022 to connect with their classmates and friends and walk in the graduation exercises. A virtual graduation does not have the same space limitations or require travel so more family members, friends and co-workers can watch and celebrate with our graduates.

General Questions

Classes will be interactive, allowing students to participate in a real-time environment with instructors and fellow classmates via Zoom breakout rooms, live survey/polls, chat and Q&A functionality as well as Canvas discussion boards.
The class structure was redesigned for the virtual platform reducing the number of students per class in some cases and shortening the time spent in class to allow for more participation and less screen time where possible.
The virtual platform provides the opportunity to easily connect and interact via technology with a greater number and a more diverse group of classmates versus the physical limitations of an in-person session. As part of the PCBS curriculum, each student will record a video introducing themselves. The introduction videos will assist students in getting to know and connecting with new bankers. Class officers and representatives will also be involved in developing additional networking opportunities once the virtual session begins.
The V2021 session is the same comprehensive and rigorous experience as previous PCBS sessions. All students will need uninterrupted time to devote to the PCBS curriculum. We highly recommend that students dedicate themselves solely to the PCBS experience while classes are in session. The virtual session offers flexibility and choices to students who are in different places in their lives. Students are choosing various options to productively schedule their time in preparation for their attendance in August. Some students are traveling to a non-work and/or non-home location to attend PCBS. Others are attending from home as it is preferable given their family or personal situations. Some students are connecting with classmates and plan to attend classes as a group, each logging in on an individual device in the same location, and some are choosing to attend from their work location.
Students can expect that some course material will be delivered in a pre-recorded form that students will be required to view prior to their instructors' live classes. These recordings will come in the form of pre-session assignments as well as nightly homework. This approach will allow instructors to be more fully engaged during live class time with the students and to limit the amount of lecture time spent in Zoom settings.
We realize that engaging in-person is how most of us would like to experience PCBS. However, students will have the same quality educational experience with more flexibility and options around how they choose to participate. The V2021 session does not require travel, which is less time away from family and work. Students participating in the virtual session will be able to sleep in their own beds and show up for class better rested and ready to participate. The virtual session is also less expensive with a tuition discount and no travel-related expenses. Participation in the V2021 session will provide students with learning continuity, alleviating extended gaps between years and potential knowledge loss. A virtual platform creates the ability for banking students to meet and network with a greater number and more diverse population of bankers and financial professionals. The V2021 session provides all graduating students with the opportunity to participate in an in-person graduation ceremony in 2022.
Whether virtual or in-person, PCBS is dedicated to providing you with a premier banking school experience.  We look forward to welcoming you back to PCBS!