Hear What PCBS Alumni Have to Say!

PCBS alumni are an amazingly diverse set of people that come from all across the United States, Marshall Islands, and Guam. Hear what they have to say about their experiences at PCBS and the impact it has had on their professional careers, personal lives, and their financial institutions.  If you would like to speak to a grad, please complete the form below and we will have them reach out to you.


James Johnson - First Republic Bank

James Johnson, First Republic Bank

“PCBS was a career-changing experience for me. In three short years, I expanded my banking knowledge, learned how to run a bank, and developed long-lasting personal and professional relationships. I am now better equipped to move into a senior-level role and assume greater responsibility. Graduates of this program are held to a higher standard and expected to lead the banking industry. “




Cari Shore - Montecito Bank & Trust

Cari Shore, Montecito Bank & Trust

“My PCBS experience was incredible. The program required me to examine ideas and concepts that I hadn’t necessarily been exposed to during my career in Retail Banking. I was able to return to my customers and teams with a broader understanding of the industry, and our place in it. I am certain that this understanding prepared me to take on a new, larger role.”




Frances Josephic - U.S. Bank, N.A.

Frances Josephic, U.S. Bank, N.A.

“PCBS has provided me with a whole new perspective with regard to how my bank operates, which areas are important to the overall earnings of the bank, why certain metrics are focused on, how and why a policy is structured the way that it is, and why even when reporting “record earnings”, management is still focused on controlling expenses.  I am able to communicate this to my team, and it has broadened their understanding of why the Bank’s senior management makes certain decisions.”



Ken Meagor - Pinnacle Bank

Ken Meagor, Pinnacle Bank

“Graduating from PCBS reinvigorated my passion for being a banker. The courses and instructors are world-class and the camaraderie among classmates continues to this day. I apply leadership concepts learned at PCBS with my team on a daily basis. My emotional intelligence has been strengthened, resulting in greater productivity and less stress. The extension assignments were challenging and forced me to take a deep dive into my bank, which fortified my ability to participate in senior management discussions.”



Ben Crowl - 1st Security Bank

Ben Crowl, 1st Security Bank

“I loved my time at PCBS. It helped me grow not only in my profession but also as a leader and an individual. PCBS has given me the knowledge base and expertise that will help me advance in my career, allowing me to better serve my customers, team members and colleagues. Everyone at PCBS, from the instructors, to the PCBS staff and students, were truly fantastic. I’ve made some lifelong friendships at PCBS. I would recommend PCBS to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of banking and leadership. It was truly a wonderful experience.”



Tony Kallingal - Mechanics Bank

Tony Kallingal, Mechanics Bank

“PCBS really allowed me to expand my knowledge of banking, not only in my area of expertise but in all facets of my career.  If you are looking to continue your growth or have C-suite aspirations in the banking industry, you cannot find a better program than PCBS.  The curriculum, faculty, and staff are exceptional, and the institutional knowledge you gain from this program is invaluable.”



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