Sherri Davidoff

Cybersecurity: Getting the Most Bang for your Buck!

This webinar took place on:
February 16, 2023

The world has changed—and your cybersecurity budget needs to change with it. Criminals have ramped up attacks on the supply chain and the cloud, while remote work has introduced new weaknesses. How can you maximize your ROI on cybersecurity investments in today’s new landscape?

In this fast-paced webinar, PCBS instructor, Sherri Davidoff, will share financial data and key cybersecurity insights, including:

  •  Cybersecurity spending trends;
  •  Top security technologies to prioritize;
  •  New attacker tactics and predictions for the future; and
  •  Cyber liability for executives & boards.

Along the way, we’ll showcase real-world examples such as the Uber hack and others, and demonstrate how investment in specific, cost-effective technologies can thwart hackers. Join us and learn how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to cybersecurity!

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Sherri Davidoff is the CEO of LMG Security and the author of three books, including “Ransomware and Cyber Extortion” and “Data Breaches: Crisis and Opportunity.” As a recognized expert in cybersecurity, she has been called a “security badass” by The New York Times. Sherri is a GIAC-certified forensic analyst (GCFA) and penetration tester (GPEN) and received her degree in computer science and electrical engineering from MIT.