Cassi Chandler

Diversity . . . It’s Personal:
Becoming a Champion
for Change.

Webinar took place on:
February 25 at 9 a.m. PST

For years the banking industry has had diversity initiatives. But for many banks, the initiatives have resulted in written policies and checklists rather than true progress. The events of 2020 have brought diversity and inclusion issues front and center in the minds of bank management and staff. Why should a bank care about becoming more diverse and inclusive from top to bottom? How does the Black Lives Matter movement fit in? What does it mean and what does it take for DEI to be a strand in the DNA of corporate culture? How can we become personally responsible for building a diverse and inclusive lifestyle and work environment?

Cassi Chandler thinks about these topics every day as she partners with businesses to help them go beyond the checklists. Using Courageous Conversations, she will challenge webinar participants to become bold champions for DEI in their workplaces and communities.

In this webinar, you will learn—

  • the evolution of the Black Lives Matter movement;
  • the importance of shared institutional values around DEI;
  • the ingredients of a diverse and inclusive bank culture; and
  • how to be a champion for DEI.


Download The Action Items to this webinar and/or Powerpoint presentation:
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Cassandra “Cassi” Chandler is CEO and managing partner of Vigeo Alliance, a firm that partners with businesses “to grow emerging leaders, retain diverse talent, and build a culture of leadership in an inclusive organization that thrives.” She has led a distinguished career as a senior executive within U.S. government services and the financial services industry, applying innovative strategies and integrated frameworks to identify and assess emerging risks and operational effectiveness. Cassi has served as a leader on the Global Diversity and Inclusion Boards of a multinational bank as well as Louisiana State University.