Sharon Dye

Using Neuroscience
To Skillfully Lead Change

Webinar took place on:
November 19, 2020

By its nature, a pandemic destroys the status quo. Now more than ever, leaders need to embrace, maneuver, and strategically steer change.  Of course, change is a given, pandemic or not. Every time an organization sets a goal, adds a product/service, hires or fires an employee, or makes a shift of any kind, it is engaged in change integration.

Leading the charge can be intimidating, but here’s the good news: research has taught us a lot about the effect of change on humans. The behavior exhibited by employees during change is both predictable and sequential.  Using findings from neuroscience, we will discuss how the brain responds to change and how you as a leader can prepare prior to change implementation.

In this webinar, you will learn—

  • the predictable and sequential behaviors to expect from people affected by change;
  • practices that reduce the negative impacts of change; and
  • ways to prepare before implementing a change.

These insights can help you lead change during epic times. Learn how you and your organization can move through change with less downtime, less resistance, and less stress.


For 31 years, Sharon Dye has been an organizational development consultant and executive coach. She is an expert in change management, leadership development, cultural and communication effectiveness, and corporate strategic planning.  Sharon has been a consultant to Fortune 100 companies and mid-market companies both internationally and domestically.  Known for her excellent consultative skills, Sharon aids organizations who are impacted by reorganizations, restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, leadership changes, and corporate culture challenges.