Feedback Form

Please use this form during the session if you have any concerns, consistent technical difficulties, as well as any other feedback about a course. The goal is for you to have the best experience possible and we welcome your constructive input.  As this session is the very first of its kind, we are asking for feedback during the session so we can make adjustments in real-time where possible.

We, of course, always welcome any positive comments you’d like to send our way if things are going well.  We will pass them along to the instructors who are working so hard to make your experience the best it can be.  We certainly appreciate your patience as we make history together!

Here is what we would need from you:

  • Name of course and which time slot.

  • A brief comment about your experience and if it needs to be addressed or just noted.

  • Name, phone number, and email if you would like us to reach out to you. Otherwise, the fields are not required except for the message field.


Feedback Form