Harlan Hill

Bank Credit Culture for the Present Day: Disciplined Lending

Webinar took place on:
February 17, 2022

The credit world can often be a confusing place. Pressure to book loans and maintain credit quality can create confusion about bank lending objectives.

Creating an effective credit culture can eliminate much of this uncertainty. The goal should be disciplined lending. Creating a common culture of fundamental lending principles is an important facet of successful bank management. Knowledge of your bank’s underwriting values is essential for setting lending priorities and objectives. These values should guide your lending relationships.

By approaching target lending markets in a disciplined and focused manner, banks can better achieve consistent performance through credit and economic cycles.

This webinar will—

  • provide historical examples of market consistency and inconsistency in establishing a credit culture, 
  • explore challenges and opportunities in the current environment, and
  • set you on a course toward disciplined lending.



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Harlan is a top-ranked international risk management educator with more than 28 years of experience in banking and risk management. He is co-founder of Paragon Hill, a company offering credit risk education. Formerly, Harlan managed the Continuing Education Group at Bank One (now Chase Bank).