Bart Smith

Creating Earnings and Value with Strategic Risk Management

Webinar took place on:
January 20, 2022

According to the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO), “Enterprise value is a function of risk and return, with every decision made by management either increasing, preserving, or eroding that value. Since risk is so integral to the pursuit of value, strategic-minded institution’s should not strive to eliminate risk or even to minimize it, but should instead seek to manage risk exposures so that, at any given time, they incur just enough of the right kinds of risk—no more, no less—to effectively pursue their strategic goals.”

In this session, Bart Smith, a former senior regulator with the FDIC, will introduce new ways to measure risk and refine the ongoing decisions you make as an organization, including a risk scoring tool that can improve regulatory relations, enhance strategic opportunities, and help bank managers generate optimal performance for their companies.

This presentation will help you:

  • understand the concept of Strategic Risk Management,
  • learn about methods to evaluate ongoing strategic risk exposures,
  • understand regulatory positions on Enterprise Risk,
  • challenge conventional thinking about value and risk in your company.

Bart Smith is a Partner & Head of Risk and Regulatory Support at Performance Trust. Prior to joining Performance Trust, Bart spent 27 years with the FDIC where he developed a risk scoring tool that is used to assess a bank’s overall risk profile. Bart holds an MBA from Wake Forest University and a bachelor’s degree from the Citadel in Charleston, SC. He has taught ERM at PCBS since 2018.